Academic Preparation

Students are expected to participate in at least six hours of academic preparation time (study session hours) each week. Weekly study sessions are held Monday through Thursday from 7-10 p.m. in the student union. 

The study sessions are in close proximity to campus academic resources such as the Math Assistance Center, Writing Center, and Academic Resource Center Tutors.

The RISE Mentoring Program partners with other academic departments to provide academic workshops to assist students in developing effective learning strategies in the classroom.

Biological Sciences

The RISE Mentoring Program has collaborated with Biological Sciences to improve the retention and success Biological Sciences students. Biological Sciences funds one RISE Academic Coach (graduate student) who has been hired primarily to mentor, tutor and serve as a resource for students in Biological Sciences.

Swanson School of Engineering

Guaranteed 4.0 Seminar: In September 2012, RISE collaborated with the Pitt EXCEL, Investing Now, and FOCUS programs to sponsor the Guaranteed 4.0 Seminar. This seminar was conducted by author Donna O. Johnson, who provided students a systematic approach to learning, based on the latest research in cognitive science. 

Academic Improvement Plan

Students who earn below a 2.5 GPA in any term are expected to complete an academic improvement plan with their RISE Coach.