Mission and Goals


The mission of the RISE Mentoring Program is to increase dramatically the retention and graduation rates of all students. The University’s commitment to student development, academics, socialization, mentoring, global awareness, and community development is inherent in RISE and provides students with a comprehensive learning experience designed to facilitate their success.

RISE employs strategies designed to improve students’ academic efficacy, encourage and facilitate student involvement, strengthen connectedness to mentors, improve students’ self awareness, and programmatically address other specific and unique needs of undergraduate students.


  • Create mentoring that will facilitate students’ intellectual, personal, cultural, vocational, and spiritual development.
  • Help students develop competencies, skills, and habits that contribute to academic and personal success.
  • Provide challenging opportunities that support personal reflection, exploration of personal assumptions, values, and beliefs as well as contribute to the students’ holistic development.
  • Help students understand the importance of obtaining a degree.
  • Help students develop a relationship with a mentor who is a resource and is invested in their success.
  • Help students learn how to maneuver the higher education process.
  • Help students have experiences that connect them to the University and to each other.

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