Student Involvement

Student Advisory Board (SAB)

The RISE Student Advisory Board (SAB) increases the level of student involvement in the program. The SAB is comprised of students who want to assume leadership in the program and contribute to further developing and enhancing the program.

The SAB attends meetings weekly meetings with the program director and coaches to provide an update on the SAB activities and to present recommendations from the student body. In addition to advocacy issues, the SAB is responsible for developing and planning social activities and community service events for students. Students who serve on the RISE SAB receive a supplement to their book award. The SAB has stimulated student involvement and led to improved communication between the program director and students.


2019-2020 SAB

  • Daphny Milord             (President)
  • Nneoma Uzoukwu       (Vice President)
  • Kayla Stanley              (Secretary)
  • Chetachukwu Eze       (Upper Class Representative)
  • Miles Roberts              (Lower Class Representative)

2018-2019 SAB

  • Oluwatobi Ajimoko      (President)
  • Christopher Mathis-Gentry (Vice President)
  • Daphny Milord             (Secretary)
  • Deanna Moore           (Volunteer Chair)
  • Adejuwon Oyukenu   (Upper Class Representative)
  • Nneoma Uzoukwu     (Lower Class Representative)


2017-2018 SAB

  • Oluwatobi Ajimoko (President)
  • Christopher Mathis (Vice President)
  • IsaLynn Montgomery (Secretary)
  • Jeffrey Onyeardor (Sophmore Class Rep)



2016-17 SAB

  • Uzoma (Uzi) Ahiarakwe (President)
  • Zuri Kent-Smith (Vice President)
  • Kaosi Anyanwa (Secretary)
  • Anna Ikejiani (Historian)
  • Kyle Wyche (Sophomore Class Rep)


Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC)


The OCC curriculum is fully integrated into RISE and students are expected to participate. Each year, RISE students attend an OCC orientation to learn about the purpose and benefits of participation. RISE also encourages students to get involved in student organizations or other outside-the-classroom experiences.

Community Service

Community service plays an integral role in the RISE experience with the goal of helping students understand their responsibility to others. The Student Advisory Board sponsors community service events throughout the academic year including but not limited to participation in Pitt Make a Difference Day, Family House, Pittsburgh Public Schools, and LIVING Ministry. Each student is expected to complete at least five hours of community service per semester and track his or her hours in NobleHour.


RISE Annual Retreat


The annual retreat for the Fall 2021 will be the weekend of October 2, 2021.         ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY