RISE Coaches are the cornerstone of the RISE Mentoring Program. In many ways, the coaches serve as students’ primary mentors and provide oversight at programs and events.

The RISE Graduate Student Coaches are University of Pittsburgh graduate students who are hired as graduate mentors. RISE Coaches are responsible for providing academic guidance, mentorship, personal development, and coaching to student participants to increase student success.

The Coaches are expected to provide students with academic guidance and serve as their liaison on all educational matters. This includes reviewing students’ syllabi, addressing note-taking skills, reviewing study habits, teaching time management and establishing mentoring relationships; and maintain a biweekly meeting schedule with assigned students. Coach Requirements and Agreement.

Graduate Student Coaches 2019-2020

India Hunter

Kendra Rowey

Jawanza Rand


Coaching Responsibilities:

  1. Meaningfully contribute to providing RISE students with the best collegiate experience in the world.  
  2. Provide students with academic guidance and support including but not limited to assisting with course syllabi, note-taking skills, study habits, time management, and faculty engagement.  
  3. Meet individually with students on a regular basis (bi-weekly) to develop an effective rapport and mentoring relationship.   
  4. Promote interaction with and among students, mentors, and faculty in an effort to connect students with one another, mentors, and the University community.  
  5. Attend and monitor bi-weekly evening study sessions (7-10pm, Monday through Thursday).
  6. Outreach to parents/families, professors, advisors, and mentors, as appropriate.
  7. Assist with the development of and participate in RISE programming, including weekend and evening events as required by the Program Director.  
  8. Evaluate the progress of each student and provide the Program Director with semester progress reports including determining book award eligibility.   
  9. Actively help retain and contribute to the persistence and graduation of RISE students.  
  10. Explore innovative and effective strategies to enhance the student experience for all students.  
  11. Encourage participation in student organizations, student organization activities, and the OCC.
  12. Maintain regular and open communication with the Program Director.  Check and respond to e-mail regularly.   
  13. Attend weekly staff meetings.
  14. Protect the rights of students in respect to educational records as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and other relevant privacy laws.   
  15. Disseminate information to students in a timely manner.   
  16. Communicate student and staff concerns to the appropriate person(s) and provide appropriate referrals and documentation.
  17. Assist with special assignments and projects as needed.

To participate, faculty, staff and alumni are asked to complete a coaching application.