Current Members

As a RISE Program member, you are required to do the following:

  • Regularly check email, RISE Google calendar, and RISE Facebook page for program updates, events, and announcements and respond to all requests for RSVP within a timely manner.
  • Complete a minimum of six (6) academic preparation hours per week in any of the following areas: (a) RISE Study Session Hours, (b) RISE Academic Programs/Workshops, (c) Pitt Academic resource centers, (d) RISE Coach Meetings, (e) Faculty Hours/Peer Led Study Groups.
  • Participate in all required programs unless excused by RISE Coach or the RISE Program Director.
  • Attend the RISE Student Retreat, unless excused by the RISE Program Director.
  • Register for and participate in the Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC).
  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with RISE Coach.
  • Meet with RISE Mentor at least once per semester and correspond with mentor at least once per month.
  • Interview one Pitt faculty member each semester and submit the Interview a Professor Assignment to RISE Coach.
  • Books and supplies purchased with RISE book award funds cannot be sold. These items must be kept, donated to another RISE student or returned to the RISE program.
  • Complete the RISE End of the Semester Program Surveys.

Failure to satisfactorily meet program requirements will adversely affect your eligibility for the RISE book award and may result in removal from the program.

Other Forms

  • Coach Assignments (10/13/17) (PDF)
  • Academic Improvement Plan (AIP)